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NEWLATH 2000 - for damp proofing above ground
SYSTEM 500 - for waterproofing below ground
GEODRAIN - for waterproofing below ground external earth retaining walls
DRAINAGE - pumps and drainage systems
FLOORING - newtons industrial flooring membranes
Newton Newlath 2000 damp proofing membrane for above ground applications
Newton Newlath 2000 waterproof CDM with welded mesh for direct rendering for above ground damp proofing applica
tions: walls, gable ends etc

Newton System 500 waterproof membranes - Waterproofing membrane for below ground applications
Newton System 500 Complete underground waterproof system for waterproofing basements, cellars, tunnels & vaults and construction areas

Newton Geodrain - underground external application for earth retaining and facing walls
CDM for waterproofing external earth facing walls applied in newbuild projects or where excavation possible

Newton Drainage products for basement & cellar waterproofing and other undergound building water control applications
Newton Titan Sump Pumps for waterproofing systems in basements & cellars. - drainage using Pump, Basedrain & Baseboard drainage conduit, Geotextile

Newtons Flooring Membranes to prevent damp and water entering through floor
Newton Slimline Flooring can be directly laid on damp floors so finish is rabidly applied, or used as part of a system to control contamination or radon gas - also see System 500 above

Supplying Proven Waterproofing Systems for Basements & Damp Proofing Solutions for Newbuild Construction and Building Renovation.

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John Newton & Co Ltd is the UK's leading INDEPENDENT manufacturer and distributor of Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) and related water control & drainage products used for waterproofing and damp proofing applications in newbuild construction, building renovation & refurbishment projects. For internal below ground or earth retaining applications such as basement waterproofing, cellar waterproofing, lining a tunnel or waterproofing an arch use our BBA Certified Newton System 500 incorporating our Newton Drainage Systems. For above ground applications such as damp proofing a damp wall, gable end, barn conversion or damp proofing timber frame building use BBA certified Newton Newlath 2000. For external waterproofing of earth retaining walls use Newton Geodrain. Newton's Slimline Flooring provides a damp proof and waterproof membrane so damp sensitive flooring finishes such as wooden flooring can be rapidly applied even if the underlying building structure is not dry.

Control and remove unwanted water from leaking tunnels, dripping arches, wet basements, flooded cellars & damp vaults to make warm living spaces or areas suitable for dry storage. In the basement waterproofing example pictured above the control of damp was vital to ensure safe storage of the musical instruments.

Waterproofing, Damp Proofing Products and Services:

Newton's waterproofing products and services are 'setting the standard' for damp proofing of old and new building. Our Newton System 500 waterproofing system is designed to comply with BS8102. Newton's have an established network of Newton Registered Contractors to assist with your waterproofing installation and our pre-sales product specialists provide answers to your waterproofing and damp proofing questions. Our products continue to be backed up by literature, specification advice and Newton's 30 Year Product Warranty - please contact our office for details.

We recommend that all below ground work is installed by a Newton Registered Contractor as they can offer insurance backed guarantees through one of the two industry bodies. Newton Registered Contractors have all been on The School of Waterproofing Courses and had installations of our membrane systems inspected on site.

There are other membranes on the market without BBA approval so it is always advisable to specify "Newton Membranes". For below ground applications please Contact our office for advice and a list of Newton Registered Contractors near you.

NEWS - August 2008:

  • Our New Web Site is *LIVE* and contains considerably updated product information along with a much expanded library of damp and waterproofing case studies. Our new site will soon take over from this site but for now can be accessed by Clicking Here.
  • Our Scottish Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Retail Outlet is now fully up and running and serving customers all over Scotland.
  • We have upgraded and replaced the Newton NP1, NP3 and NP10 pumps. All of the New Newton Pumps have better 'Head' performance allowing for extra peace of mind in installations where longer discharge line runs are required creating greater friction head. The new pumps also offer greater flexibility and provide increased efficiency.
  • John Newton and Co Ltd are pleased to announce that our Technical Manager Warren Muscialli has qualified as a Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW). We are pleased to be the first UK membrane manufacturing company to have anyone qualified in this.
  • Latest case studies are marked on our Problems and Solutions page. Please Contact our office if you are interested in these features or if you would like to add your own success stories based on John Newton & Co's damp proofing products and waterproofing solutions.
  • Any installers interested in becoming a recognised Newton Registered Basement Contractor (NRBC) should ensure that all operatives undertake the School of Waterproofing course. Please contact our office as we host these courses whenever there are enough parties.
  • Think before tanking! Newton System 500 offers several significant advantages over traditional tanking methods.
  • John Newton & Co Ltd are pleased to announce that we are now an approved RIBA CPD providers network company. As part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, our technical department are currently embarking on a nationwide series of CPD presentations.
  • See our handy Newton Product Listing which incorporates our part numbers and a short description of each product.
  • Please refer to the updated information on Newton System 500 for BS8102 compliant waterproofing.
  • John Newton & Co Ltd are pleased to announce Newton Baseboard. In common with Newton Basedrain this product channels water away from the wall/floor junction in wet or leaking basements and cellars. Newton Baseboard sits on top of the existing floor surface whereas Newton Basedrain is installed underneath the surface.
  • Please refer to our latest Installation and Surveyors Guide for System 500 and related products.
  • Use Newton Basedrain, Newton Baseboard and/or Newton Geodrain in installations to remove hydrostatic pressure and comply with BS8102.
  • Use Newton Titan or Newton Titan Plus pump/sump solutions to remove water where there is insufficient natural drainage.
  • See our new Drawings Download Page - designed to assist Specifiers preparing Client Proposals using Products from John Newton & CO LTD
Company Background:

John Newton & Co Ltd, is a long established privately owned company and the oldest established company in this field of the building industry. We pioneered the Air Gap method of damp proofing in 1931 with the introduction to the UK of "NEWTONITE" membrane. In 1984 Christopher Newton invented and developed a meshed membrane called Newlath to receive plaster or render which has led to the current generation of high density studded polypropylene membranes which we supply today and sold under our registered trade name Newlath 2000 and the Newton 500 family of membranes used in our Newton System 500 underground waterproofing system.


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